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State-of-the-art student gear: includes automatic activating devices (AAD) for the reserve parachute, square or "ram-air" type parachutes (for a slow descent & soft landing), and ground-to-air radio for assistance under the canopy.


Aircraft: Three Cessna 182 Skylanes are hangared at Wissota Airport (location identifier 4WI0). Each airplane has a capacity of five people; the pilot and four skydivers. These planes have been specially modified to accommodate skydiving by removing unneeded seats and adding seat belts on the floor.  The average altitude reached is 10,000 ft Above Ground Level (AGL). Our pilots are commercially licensed and thoroughly trained to handle problems or emergencies.











Clubhouse: The clubhouse is first-rate with a large indoor packing area, air-conditioned classroom, lounge, bathroom (w/ shower), kitchen with microwave, pizza oven & refrigerator, pop machine, food at nearby gas stations, and electrical outlets. There is also plenty of room outdoors for camping or RVing. The large student landing area includes most of the dropzone except for the runways.


Other perks: 

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