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About Us

It's no coincidence that our photos show happy, smiling, excited people!


Skydive Wissota offers static line jumps, tandem jumps, and AFF. Our state-of-the-art student gear includes automatic activating devices (AAD) for the reserve parachute, square, or "ram-air" type parachutes and ground-to-air radio for assistance under canopy.


For convenience, Skydive Wissota offers the option to purchase a jump package, including video, online. Click here for more information on buying a certificate or skydiving package.


Skydive Wissota is a registered USPA Group Member Drop Zone with trained pilots ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime! At Skydive Wissota, several of our instructors have over 14,000 jumps and 35+ years of experience.


Skydiving is more than just jumping from a plane. It's stepping out into a different world, a world where people fly without wings!