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Experienced Jumpers 


Skydive Wissota Welcomes Experienced Jumpers - you will always have people to jump with.  We are a club with a focus on relative work and raising new skydivers, but all disciplines and experience levels are welcome to come fly with us.


Resources for visiting jumpers: We have no full-time paid packers however freelance packers MAY be available on-site.  Our rental equipment is VERY LIMITED so please call ahead to see if we have what you need: (715) 726-1616. 


Prices for experienced jumpers are as follows:

$14 to 4,000 ft

$15 from 4,000 - 6,000 ft

$16 to 7,000 ft

$17 to 8,000 ft

$18 to 9,000 ft

$19 to 10,000 ft

$20 to 11,000 ft

$21 to 12,000 ft


Club Dues: $75 /year. Non-member rates add $4 per jump


You are welcome to camp at the dropzone or you can check out local hotels/lodging and restaurants by clicking here.


We sell soda at the dropzone and have a beer fridge (of course)!


Grill, microwave, and 2 pizza ovens are available in the club, plus there is a huge fire pit on-site and you are welcome to stay after the jumping has stopped and hang out with us!

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